My Marsala Makeover

marsalalove (3)

Everyone in Fashion & Design is talking about this new color since Pantone announced it as it’s 2015 Color of the Year.

With all the mixed reviews and controversy

With all the mixed reviews, I wanted to form my own opinion so I found this perfect Blank Canvas to splash some color on.

by the HGTV line at Sherwin Williams

I went straight to Sherwin Williams and selected this color called “Cordial” by the HGTV line.

marsala0 (2)

As I opened the can I instantly notice its earthy brown undertones.

marsala1 (2)

I’m more of a cool tone kind of gal so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about having Marsala in my Artful interior

marsala3 (2)

But this color is just what this space needs to add some instant warmth to this North facing room.

marsala000 (2)

LOVING it already!

marsala11 (2)

Makes a great accent color for Kitchens & Dining Rooms ans works great when paired with lots of neutrals.

marsala12 (2)

It also seems to be working pretty well with my yellow bandana.


What a difference a change of color can make! I think I’ll keep it for a little or at least until the next color curiosity gets the best of me.

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts on Marsala. Thanks for stopping by The Artful Interior

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