DIY Bath Makeover

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Does your bath look something like this?


If a remodel is not in your budget there is an alternative to ripping out those tiles.

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This waterbourne bonding primer called Stix by INSL-X is made to adhere to challenging surfaces. The best part is you can paint over it with almost any paint.


You can apply it with a brush or roller. It dries quickly so you need to work fast!  Just make sure if you are rolling the paint on, you use a brush to level it out to give it a nice even finish.

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Getting in between those grout lines are important. Here I’m using a 3″ flat nylon brush to apply.


And those ugly fixtures…. paint right over those too!


Once it dries you want to topcoat using a paint that has a mildew resistant finish. I recommend this product by Benjamin Moore

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I’m a big fan of wood but we need to brighten this room up and painting it all white will give it a fresh, new feel. Using an Odorless Oil-based primer is key to sealing the wood before applying a topcoat. Here I’m using Kilz Stain-blocking oil-based primer. If you have any knots in your wood be sure to spot prime them with a shellac primer called B-I-N.

stix14 (2)

Start by applying the Oil-based primer. Once dried, lightly sand using a 220 grit sandpaper.


You can use the same paint for the trim and walls.


This is a good time to seal any gaps with a fast- drying caulking and fill any holes.



This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to brighten up any dated bath.




No more ugly dated tiles.

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Hope this blog encourages you to tackle your own DIY Room Makeover.

Thanks for stopping by The Artful Interior.








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