Garage Door Makeover!

Garage Door Makeover!

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With the warm weather finally approaching for us New Englanders, it’s time to tackle some exterior projects.

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What better way to spend a weekend than livening up the garage door and adding a little curb appeal!

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Using the best products to get the job done, I’m going to show you how in a few simple steps.

Supplies Needed:


Exterior Water-based Paint in a Semi Gloss.

inexpensive china bristle 2 – 3 inch paintbrush flat or angled sash for priming

good quality 2 – 3 inch nylon paintbrush flat or angled sash for top coat.

small roller frame & good quality roller cover

paint trays & liners

180-220 grit sandpaper

container to pour paint in for cutting in around the edges where the roller can’t reach.

drop cloths


paint opener


Let’s Get Started!

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Lightly sand the surface using a 180-220 grit sandpaper. This gives the  paint something to adhere to.

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Make sure your surface is free of oil, grease & dirt.

garage7 (3)

I had my local paint store tint the oil based primer  to the color we selected.  This helps for coverage since our color has a lot of deep pigment in it.

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Using your china bristle brush, start by outlining or “cutting-in” any areas that can’t be reached with the roller.

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Using your roller, start at one end and roll the paint in small manageable sections going in the direction of the grain.  Before the paint begins to dry, use your brush to level out the paint from the roller marks so you have a nice even finish.

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Once your primer coat is dry, you can begin the same process using the topcoat and switching to a nylon brush.

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Using a new roller cover, repeat the same process and apply a second coat if needed.

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With the right products and tools, you can tackle this project on your own too.

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Thanks for stopping by The Artful Interior

Happy Painting!

The Black Whale

The Black Whale Project

Compass black whale

See our latest wall feature addition.

The Black Whale19

The Black Whale in Downtown New Bedford, MA happens to be the biggest Blank Canvas of my career so far.

The Black Whale before (2)

Hard to believe a little over a year ago it was down to these bare bones.

The Black Whale3

Collaborating and building relationships with these other small local businesses on this project was extremely gratifying.

The Black Whale11

My obligations went further than just designing, I also took on the role of painting  the Restaurant. Most people don’t realize the majority of the work I do is actually basic painting. I stepped completely out of my comfort zone when I was asked to help design it. .

The Black Whale17

I was given a lot of creative license by the Owner, Albert Santos and Manager, Luis DaSilva. We worked together and It was a pleasure working with them both.

The Black Whale web

It started with a vision then just evolved over the length of the project. I really wanted to incorporate some of my signature style which is large scale wall murals.

The Black Whale web1

This wall that runs along side the train tracks was the perfect place.

The Black Whale web0

Custom painted wall art in this rich navy creates visual interest, depth and movement. The fish inspired mural took several attempts before getting it just right!

The Black Whale9

Custom Canvas Art produced by a local downtown shop called Spinner Publications worked with me to achieve the large scale wallart. Click here for more Behind-the-Scenes footage of this project.

The Black Whale8

Sorting through hundreds of historical prints, we searched for the perfect 3 photos to modify,  It was important to have this feature wall  reflect the history and diversity of the city with its many languages of the The Black Whale spelled out from Around the World.

The Black Whale5

My love for rustic was introduced  wrapping  this weathered pine in a chevron pattern around the bar. The wood creates texture and warmth, a nice contrast with the blue and gray tones.

wk9bw5 (2)

I hand selected the pine from 2 local sawmills.  Robert Pires of Bob’s Building worked patiently with me, bringing my vision to life.


After much dispute, I decided to colorwash the weathered pine to soften and brighten the look and give it a more nautical feel.

The Black Whale19

I used the floor as my jumping off point, selecting the Lager Vinyl Planks with a rustic quality and selecting my color scheme from colors that were in the flooring. It had pretty blue grays and orange tones that I wanted to bring out.

The Black Whale10

One thing I’m known for is utilizing that 5th wall so these ceilings had to have COLOR! The tinted blue ceilings give the illusion of a larger and more open space and was perfectly suited for this seaside cafe.

the black whale bath0

All the flooring and tiles were supplied and installed by New Bedford Tile and Carpet.  The Bathroom  was a  combination of Island Palms chevron glass in a pop of orange and porcelain plank tiles for 3/4 walls. The cast wave sinks were custom made by Sonoma Cast.


I used Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter for the walls and Sherwin Williams Medatative for the tinted blue ceiling. The neutral walls allow for the accent colors to really pop! The crown molding gives some nice architectural detail and helps break up the colors.

The Black Whale20

The Orange accent ceiling over the bar was painted in Benjamin Moore’s Potters Clay casting a warm glow in contrast to the stainless bar racks.

The Black Whale16

My Blank Canvas didn’t stop there. We had to fill this outdoor patio with some color. Lisa and Jackie from Fairhaven’s  Gotta Have It  was such a big help in helping me select the perfect  furniture in just the right pop of colors.


I went into this project not knowing much about Restaurant Design at all. I’m grateful I was given the opportunity but more importantly, I’m thankful to other seasoned professionals who were so generous and eager to help me along the way.

The Black Whale13

This job has prepared me for the next 3 Restaurants I’m currently working on. If you haven’t made it by The Black Whale, be sure to stop in and let us know what you think.  The food is just as amazing as the atmosphere!  Thanks for stopping by the Artful interior.

Special thanks to Aly Morrissey of for your beautiful photography.