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Inspired by some Barnwood accent features my brother Josh installed in his home…

wk33josh3 (2)

I wanted to create some of my own accent walls out of the same material and incorporate them into the homes of my clients.

wk33josh12 (2)

My brother’s creativity really sparked some interest and encouraged me to blend my favorite medium (paint) with this organic beauty.


Wrapping his beams and lining the inner frames of his skylights really gives his home character and charm. I just couldn’t get enough of this look.

wk 32 barn20 (2)

My brother and I took a trip to this Sawmill in Tiverton, Rhode Island where  I was able to  purchase some wood  for an upcoming project.

wk 32 barn19 (2)

This Eastern Pine once wrapped the exterior of an Old Connecticut Barn.  It will soon have a new home resting on an interior wall overlooking Long Pond in East Freetown, Massachusetts.

wk 32 barn18

I purchased 200 SF for $530 just enough to complete a headboard accent wall.  This wood is not budget friendly, but worth every penny.


My brothers Seth, Sam & Joel from DesRoches Bros. Inc. installed the Barnwood.

wk 32 barn12 (2)

They began by removing a piece of the baseboard working from the floor up, stacking the planks one by one.

wk32 barn 13 (2)

I had them place my favorite planks towards the top where they would be most visible.

wk 32 barn 14 (2)

The planks were installed using finished nails and a wood adhesive.

wk 32barn15

You can already see this room transforming…

wk32 barn 8 (2)

These rustic planks adds instant warmth and texture to the space.


Now it was time for me to select some colors and work my magic.


Starting with the ceiling, I  selected a sky blue which picks up the bluish-gray tones in the wood.


Utilizing that 5th wall helped open up the space bringing another element of the outdoors in.


This room has lots of natural light which filters throughout  so I knew it could handle a deeper color on the ceiling.


I opted for a Creamy White for the walls called Vanilla Milkshake by Benjamin Moore. This allows the Reclaimed Wood to take Center Stage.

wk33 lisa

There was enough barnwood leftover to create a personalize accent to help balance the space.  I had the letter fabricated by my friend Adam Katz of In-House Custom.  I used a piece of cardboard as a template to ensure the letter was the font and dimension I needed.

wk33 rustic collection (2)

The vibrant pop of teal electrifies the space without being to overwhelming

wk33 rustic collection0 (2)

I was so pleased with the finished product. What do you think?

wk 32 Barn fb (2)

Hope this post inspires you to tap into your own Inner Creativity. Thanks for stopping by the Artful Interior.

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